Performing, digital and visual arts, fashion, architecture, heritage, plastic arts, videogames, music, publishing, radio, television, design… so-called creative – or cultural – companies represent a variety of roles in vastly different fields. Passion, talent, creation and culture are central to these activities.

Today, the creative economy represents 5.8 million jobs, 1.4 million companies and nearly 3% of GDP in Europe. The potential for growth is huge. Some estimates suggest that creative industries will generate more jobs than the financial sector in 2030.

Due to their specificities – and despite their dynamism and professionalism – creative companies often find it difficult to obtain the financial resources needed for development. The difficulty has increased since the start of the financial crisis.

St’art investment fund is an unique financial instrument in Brussels and Wallonia and is the product of the joint efforts of the Wallonia Region and Wallonia-Brussels Federation to support the development of the creative economy. This type of tool has had proven success in Flanders and overseas.
Today, the capacity of the fund is 17 millions EUR and the shareholders are the Wallonia Region, the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and the Regional Investment Company of the Brussels Region (Finance Brussels, SRIB).

St’art is aimed at small and medium companies, including non-for-profit organisations. The fund contributes to the creation of companies and the development of existing structures in order, for example, to undertake new projects, create new products and win new markets. The fund provides financing in the form of loans and investments.

The objective is also to influence banks and private investors. St’art will work closely with public bodies and regional investment funds. Therefore St’art complements and not replaces other existing financial mechanisms and possible public subsidies.

Human capital, talent and the ability to innovate are key factors in the economic life of our regions. In providing an environment favourable to creative companies and responding to their specific requirements, St’art aims to invest in creativity. It is now open to applications for financing.


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