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The performing arts, fashion, digital arts, architecture, heritage, plastic arts, video games, music, publishing, radio, television, design, cultural mediation, gastronomy and more... creative or cultural industries represent a multitude of different lines of work in very varied domains. Passion, talent, creativity and culture lie at the heart of these activities.

In 2012, the cultural and creative industries accounted for 104,000 jobs in Wallonia and Brussels, 7.4% of employers in Wallonia and 11.5% in Brussels. At national level, this sector generated 4.8% of the overall turnover (€48 billion) and 4.8% of the GDP (€15.6 billion). The added value of cultural and creative industries in Belgium is five times higher than that of the pharmaceutical industry and six times higher than that of the automobile industry. (Le poids économique des Industries culturelles et créatives en Wallonie et à Bruxelles (The Economic Weight of Cultural and Creative Industries in Wallonia and Brussels, IWEPS-ULB, December 2014)

And yet, due to their specific characteristics - and despite their dynamism and professionalism - creative enterprises often have difficulty finding the financial resources that are essential for their development.

The St’art investment fund is a financial instrument that is unique to Brussels and Wallonia. It was set up at the end of 2009 and is the fruit of the shared will of Wallonia region and the Wallonia-Brussels Federation to support the development of the creative economy by reinforcing the solvency and capacity for growth of small and medium-sized businesses.

Today, the fund capital amounts to €17 million. The shareholders of St’art are Wallonia region, the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and Finance.Brussels (a Brussels regional investment company).

St’art focuses on small and medium-sized companies, including non profit-making entities. The fund contributes to the creation of companies and the development of existing structures, for example, to carry out new projects, create products or conquer new markets. The fund operates in the form of loans and the acquisition of equity.

The aim is also to introduce a leverage effect with banks and private investors. St’art works in close collaboration with public authorities and regional investment companies. St’art’s intervention is therefore supplementary to other existing financial mechanisms and subsidies, where available; it does not replace them.

Human capital, talent and the ability to innovate are key to our regions’ economic life. By providing the creative industry with a favourable environment and listening to their specific needs, St’art is the creators’ investment organisation.

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