Investment strategy

What sectors are covered?

Performing arts

Production and dissemination or service for: theatre, dance, opera, circus, festivals, etc.


Museums, heritage and archaeological sites, libraries and archives

Visual arts

Publishing and distribution: painting, sculpture, photography, crafts and associated products


Recorded music and live event market


Products, communication, spaces

Fashion and textile


Publishing books and press

And more generally, publishing of written, visual or sound content via digital technologies



Production and dissemination including productions for webTV, connected TV, etc.

Digital arts

Video games and serious gaming

Production of creative or cultural content for new information and communication technologies

Applications for mobile interfaces, etc.

Food design, gastronomy

N.B.: This is a non-exhaustive list as cultural and creative entities often have more than one transverse view of the activities or services proposed.
Culture and creativity-related professions can, in general, therefore be considered by St’art.

What are the eligibility conditions for applying for St’art funding?

Besides the sectoral criteria set forth above, very small, small and medium-sized businesses wishing to apply must fulfil certain conditions:

• Be established or commit to locating their registered office in Wallonia or Brussels.

• Employ fewer than 250 people full time.

• Not exceed an annual turnover of €50,000,000 and a total balance of €43,000,000.

• Fulfil the criteria of financial independence (less than 25% held by a large company).

• Not be an entity in difficulty.

• Present a viable and sustainable investment programme.

• Be sustainable without this sustainability depending mostly on subsidies.

• Propose a project for the creation or development of employment-creation activities.

St’art does not contribute to the funding of one-off cultural or creative projects.

N.B.: Non profit-making organisations applying to St’art must be able to demonstrate that the ratio of their total subsidies in relation to total revenue is less than 50%.

What criteria must St-art take into account?

Creative entities operate in accordance with market rules. But they present a specific type of risk related to the unique character of all creative projects.

St’art takes the following into account:

• The entity’s economic viability,

• The project’s cultural and creative value,

• The project’s economic and financial value,

• The applicant’s(s’) qualifications and expertise in terms of creation, management and finance, commerce and entrepreneurship,

• The impact in terms of jobs in the Wallonia and Brussels regions.

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